Home Repairs to Get Your Bike Commuter Ready with Ed Mark from Gateway Bike Hub

Ed Mark, Manager of Gateway Bike Hub shares easy do-it-yourself tips to ensure that you have a smooth, safe, and enjoyable ride. Learning basic bike repairs with tools you may already have at home will save you money and avoid future cost of repairs. This webinar is hosted by our sister-program, Live Green@Home.

Key Takeaways

Cycling is a flexible and reliable option. Cycling is a convenient and economical option that allows you to follow your own schedule.

The suburbs have great cycling shortcuts. Plan your route using side streets, parking lots, laneways and other unconventional options to make your trip shorter and more comfortable.

Cycling can fit any budget. With a growing market, quality bikes and accessories are increasingly affordable. The City’s Bike Repair Hubs also offer affordable refurbished bikes.

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