Solving Commuting Challenges

Smart Commute provides tailored solutions to address your workplace’s commuting needs.

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Here are a few things where Smart Commute can help you create a better workday, even in the face of ever-changing circumstances:

Access to customized resources to help develop a commuter program that meets the needs of your workplace

Sign up for the Smart Commute app to find carpool partners, bike buddies, and join contests to win prizes

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Connect with sustainability leaders at our city-wide events

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You can access free resources to help your employees plan their commutes. These resources offer flexible approaches based on factors like location, scheduling, and commuting.

You’ll find answers to these top-of-mind questions:

How can you enhance your Work From Home strategies to improve your resiliency?

What scheduling approaches could help employees avoid rush hour traffic on the days they need to travel to the office?

Can you help employees travel more safely, reliably, and sustainably to your workplace?


Bike Share Corporate Discount

Bike Share Toronto is offering a corporate discount on annual memberships in support of the City of Toronto’s Smart Commute program. Companies can enroll for free as a corporate partner with Bike Share Toronto to unlock a special discount for employees on annual memberships. Smart Commute Toronto clients are eligible for a 25% discount on annual memberships.

Sustainable Commuting Resources

Resources for your employees

Carpooling Guide

Transit Guide

Walking and Cycling Guide

Resources for management

Bike Share Corporate Discount

Return to Office – Complete Package

Hybrid Work 101

Return to Office Survey Template

Hybrid Remote Work Guide

Office Hotelling Guide

Return to Office Employer Guide


A Beginner’s Look at Biking to Work

Benefits Beyond the Destination

Better Commuting with Smart Commute

Electric Vehicles and the Transition in the North

The Future of Ontario Transit

Taking Remote Work to the Next Level

Hotelling and Hot Desking 101

Technology to Optimize Your Commute

Returning to Transit

The Basics of Bike Share with Cristina Valente from Bike Share Toronto

Cycling in the Suburbs with Marvin Macaraig from Scarborough Cycles

Home Repairs to Get Your Bike Commuter Ready with Ed Mark from Gateway Bike Hub

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Things continue to change rapidly, but we’re here to help you maneuver ahead. Let us know what challenges you’re facing, and one of our team members will be in touch with one-on-one support.

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